Troubles American Veterans Face Every Day


You’ve probably heard of countless stories of military veterans coming home, only to find out they don’t have a home. What exactly might this mean? For some, it might be the fact that they no longer have living relatives where they live. For other vets, it is the fact that they don’t have work upon returning home, don’t have money saved up, and don’t have “real world, working skills,” so they can’t find work. Regardless of the issue, homelessness is just one of the issues retired vets face after fighting for our country. In Michigan, the numbers are staggering (as seen here But, the issues veterans face upon returning home aren’t limited to homelessness.

Inability to pay bills/ enter the working world – 
Again, this does tie back to homelessness, and eventually not having the finances to pay their bills, due to the fact that they aren’t trained to work in a specific field. Because they were fighting for our country for so many years, many veterans didn’t go to school. They never held full time jobs, never learned the “working skills,” required for a job, and never had a position which allowed them to learn skills required for a particular role or position. So the fact that they are lacking in these real world skills makes it tough (if not impossible) for certain vets to find work; this in turn leads to their inability to pay bills and to take care of themselves and family.

They can’t acclimate back home –
Many vets suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). They don’t know how to deal with the world they are living in once they come home from war. Whether they witnessed a fellow friend or soldier get injured (or die), or saw civilians suffering in conditions they couldn’t fight, they bring these issues back home. Many vets suffer from physical conditions and injuries as well. And, because they don’t have finances saved up, can’t take care of these injuries or get medical attention they require. Yet other vets simply find it difficult to get back to a “normal life,” once they return. They don’t have friends where they used to live, their families are different, and things are simply harder for them to do upon returning home.

Vets have done so much for our country, and when they return back home from war, so many face so many hardships and difficulties, which they simply can’t deal with. Whether it is the issue of not having money, not receiving a pension, or not having the education required to find a great job, or simply not being able to get back into the swing of things, there are many issues veterans deal with upon returning home. As family, friends, and other general members of the community, it is important to understand these issues, find ways to work with these vets, and help them get things back in order, and get back to a normal life, in order to avoid these issues going forward, and to help them get their lives back in order upon returning home from serving overseas.