Precautions to take while Buying the Used Bikes/Scooters


Someone once rightly proclaimed that riding a scooter or bike give you wings to fly. Most people, especially youngsters, like to roam on the streets on their bikes or scooters. In fact, the two-wheeler segment houses the most number of riders in the whole of the country. In comparison to cars, bikes and scooters are relatively cheaper than are more fuel efficient.

For people who are on a very tight budget but still want to buy a two-wheeler for their daily commutation needs, they can always look towards the second hand bike/scooter segment in the country. There can be good bargains to be unearthed if you are looking in the used vehicle segment. However, prior precaution has to be taken care of before buying a used bike/scooter. Follow the below mentioned precautions to make sure you are not duped on the deal you make:

Genuine Documents

Before completing a deal to buy a used bike/scooter, always try to keep a check if the vehicle is stolen or not, the buy is the original owner and all the legal documents are with him or not. If you have a doubt on the legality of the vehicle, it is better to choose another than find yourself in trouble.


Bikes/scooters with less distance under their belt should be chosen as the cost you incur on maintaining your bike will depend upon the usage of the vehicle. Also, tyres go flat on highly used vehicles which means they have to replaced also. Go for two-wheelers such as Honda Dio Black as they offer the best performance in its segment and high fuel efficiency.

Present condition of the bike/scooter

It is always a good thing to give a thorough check-up of the two-wheeler to look for loose ends such as damaged wired or broken parts. Make sure you choose the vehicles which have not faced rough conditions as they will tend to last longer.

Prior Accident-met

Avoid vehicles which have met with an accident in the past. They will be more prone to breakage in the future. Also, avoid those two-wheelers who have few extra niggles and problem attached to them.

Brand Quality

It would be better for you to choose second hand bikes/scooter from the top most brands in the country including Bajaj, Hero, Honda Dio Black, Enfield etc as they manufacture bikes/scooters with more quality materials rather than local manufacturers.

Relatively New

Always choose for a newer model if it is available even if you would have to dish out a few extra bucks for that. In the long run, it will benefit you as you won’t have to spend much on its maintenance.


Insurance is among the must have documents for riding a vehicle in the country. Make sure you check out all the insurance papers for the bike/scooter and verify them for genuineness.

The Last Words

Make sure that you follow all the necessary precautions before purchasing a second hand vehicle. Although, it might be old but it would be still a new product for you. A relatively newer model such as the Honda Dio Black edition or others can ensure high usage capacity and low maintenance expenses.

Keep in check that all the legal documents are transferred to your name legally and be signed by both parties involved for the deal to take place. Most people forget to pay attention to small details in the contract and end up paying heavy expenses in the future. It would be better to take necessary precautionary steps before buying a second hand scooter rather than crying over it later on.