Things you should do on your second date


The first date was absolutely fabulous and it is time to make the second date a great success too. Most of the people in relationships usually have this feeling that once you nailed the first date right you need not spend both time and effort on the second one. But that certainly is not a good thought, since there are chances that you might lose the girl in the second date too. We have come up with some great dating tips which will ensure that even the second date turns out to be a huge success too.

If your first date was a romantic candle light dinner, it is beat to keep the second date a little bit different from the usual. Go for an open setting where the two of you can spend some quality time with each other. It will let her see a different side of you which she might not have seen it earlier. But keep in mind that the weather is pleasant so that she can enjoy some good time with you.

Since this is the second date that you are planning, it is bet to take this opportunity to pick her up from her destination. If the place way too far you can even meet her halfway so that she doesn’t feel that she is going all alone for a date. It will let you earn some extra brownie points. And more over, you will be able to develop a comfort zone with each other. You can think of several personalized gift ideas from the online portal to make things easier for her.


Surprise her with something more delightful this time, take her to place which might have mentioned on the last date so that she feel that you are paying attention to what she is saying or has said. To make the date even more interesting you can send a personalized gift to her online to impress. And at the same time it will let you earn all the brownie points too.

There is a thin line when you should understand that you should stop talking about yourself and be more considerate towards your girlfriend. It is time that you make her feel important and loved. Get to know what is happening in her life and the kind of things that interests her. And when she is speaking, make it a point that you listen to her carefully.

When you are discussing or maybe conversing get to know what she liked most about the first date? It will help her to open up and at the same time will give you the opportunity to understand her better. You can even keep the conversation funny by asking her things such as how she felt when she first saw you. There can be many funny things cropping up from the conversation.

Make sure that your second date should end in a way that it paves way for another one. Make her feel special and loved. And at the end of the date tell her how great the date was.