How a DUI Can Affect Your Commercial Driver’s License


For drivers with commercial driver’s license(CDL), being arrested and charged with a DUI may raise several questions concerning your future, both professionally and legally. As a commercial driver, a DUI can drastically effect your future.

Your CDL May Be Suspended or Revoked

If you are charged with DUI, your CDL may be suspended or even revoked. If your license is suspended, you will not be able to drive during the suspension period. Typically, most suspensions for CDL last for a full year for first time offenders. This is 8 more months than suspension given to non-commercial drivers whose suspension typically lasts for four months for first time offenders. The license is usually returned after the suspension period is over. If your CDL is revoked, you lose the license permanently and you must reapply for a CDL license once the revocation period is over.

Your CDL May Be Confiscated

In the event you are arrested and charged with DUI for a second time, your CDL is likely to be confiscated. Confiscation means you will lose your CDL for life. Additionally, CDL do not have restricted driving privileges as temporary driving permits given to people charged with a DUI doesn’t apply to driving a commercial vehicle.

Lose Your Job

If you drive commercial vehicles for a living, being charged with a DUI may result in you losing your job as suspension, revocation or even confiscation of your CDL will imply that you cannot drive. Additionally, some commercial vehicle employers have a policy of not hiring drivers with DUI convictions even if it happened a few years back.

Get High Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies will charge your company high premiums if you have DUI charges as this makes you risky business. Paying higher premiums may affect your profitability making it difficult to grow your commercial vehicle business.

In the event you are arrested and charged with DUI, it is important to immediately contact a DUI lawyer from Khonsari Law Group for legal representation. Contacting your DUI lawyer immediately will ensure your case is handled from the onset.

Review the Circumstances of Your Arrest

Your DUI lawyer will review every detail leading to your arrest. In the event the arresting officers did not follow laid down procedures during the entire process, your case may be dismissed as arrests are only legal if done under the due process of the law.

Negotiate for A Reduced Punishment

If you are a first-time offender and no third party was affected, your lawyer could negotiate with the prosecution to get you a lighter and favorable punishment. Your lawyer will also negotiate and try to turn a confiscation into a suspension which is good news for drivers who make a living from driving commercial vehicles.

Fight to Have the Charges Dismissed

Your DUI attorney will undertake an independent investigation with the aim of getting evidence that could be used to get the DUI charges dismissed. They will seek to challenge the reliability of the breathalyzer or blood test and find expert witnesses to rebuff prosecution evidence.